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Antibiotic Resistance A Catastrophic Threat

Antibiotic Resistance A Catastrophic Threat.
Britain's Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies has taken out her first annual report in which she has asked to take antibiotic resistance quite seriously. Davies has told that the antibiotic resistance should be treated equally as climate change and terrorism.

It has been seen that with passage of time, microbes have been becoming resistant to available drugs. If such a pattern continues for a long time then it will get problematic for the country. This is the reason that Davies has suggested that a number of steps in order to tackle the catastrophic threat should be taken.

One of the ways by which the problem can be tackled is to adopt stricter rules for GPs to know how they administer medicines to patients. "There is a need for politicians in the UK to prioritise antimicrobial resistance as a major area of concern, including on the national risk register and pushing for action internationally", said Davies in her report.

Though it is not the first time when it has been revealed that antibiotic resistance exists in the country, Davies wants to increase the level on which the problems should be tackled. It now has to be seen that what steps will be taken to solve the problem.